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Office Hours

Alpine Club office hours are in full swing! Come by room 443 in the UMC to access to equipment, books, or purchase a membership! Posted below are the hours we are in the office. Be aware that we are students as well as board members so we may be running to or from a class at the top of the hour. We are happy to accomodate you after-hours but please post on the Alpine Club facebook page or email us at cualpine@gmail.com to set it up. Note that we only accept cash and checks!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 AM
9:00 AM Jordan
10:00 AM Leah
11:00 AM Sheamus Paulina Nolan
12:00 PM Laura Kristina
1:00 PM Ben Vale
2:00 PM Bobby Josh Casey
3:00 PM Jack
4:00 PM Drew
5:00 PM


By purchasing a membership with the CU Alpine Club, members receive access to great deals from local and national retailers!

  • 3 month pass for $210.
  • Offers Climbing, yoga, and fitness.
The Spot
  • Members receive a 3 month pass for $160.
  • Free classes & workshops based on training techniques and pushing your climbing to the next level.
  • 3 month membership for $165.
  • Free classes that range from safe belay techniques to saavy anchor building skills.
  • Stay tuned to our Facebook page for these events!
Backpacker's Pantry
  • Helps provide food for our club trips, as well as offering limited time discounts to members via our facebook page.
The Gear Movement
  • Huge deals on this season's gear at last year's prices.
  • ALPINE10 for additional 10% off.
College Outside
  • College Outside is a network of University clubs that sponsor events throughout the year. Undergrad members of the Alpine Club have access for discounted gear. People can be added once a semester. Instructions will be posted on our facebook page towards the beginning of each semester.
Diamond Productions
  • Clay Wadman's incredible hand drawn topo's of all the famous big walls are for sale in our office for a discounted price to Alpine Club members. Send us an email to see what we currently have instock!
Mountain Standard
  • Mountain Standard is a Colorado based gear and apparel company that focuses their designs around the mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans. Alpine Club members get 45% off all products! Use code CUALPINE45 at checkout
LifeSport Chiropractic
  • Dr. Lisa is the author of Climbing Injuries Solved and has past medical experience with USAClimbing.
  • Programs for the prevention and treatment of common climbing injuries.
  • 20% off physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, muscle aid Advanced diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for evaluating pulley Injuries and visualizing suspected tendonitis, tendinosis, scar tissue and tears.
Climbing Injuries Solved
  • Get 15% off with code CUALPINE on physiotherapy products, recovery products, and self-care maintenance routines.
  • Education, Tools, Programs for Climbers to succeed.



Vale Zins

Vale Zins

Year: Senior
Major: Neuroscience
Favorite type of climbing: Trad & Trad
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Indian Creek & The Black
Ben Crawford

Bobby Thomas

Year: Junior+
Major: Psychology
Favorite type of climbing: Trad / Bouldering
Favorite Alpine Club trip: The Creek
Quote: "Because it's there."

Board Members

Josh Weinstein

Josh Weinstein

Year: Senior
Major: Theoretical Pottery
Favorite type of climbing: Eldo Trad
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Powell
Quote: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, poems are hard and I am too" -Casey Crowley
Drew Herder

Drew Herder

Year: Alpine Club Wiseman
Major: Film
Favorite type of climbing: Naked Off-Widths
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Vedauwoo
Quote: You gotta watch out for polar bear liver, 4 oz is deadly.
Ben Crawford

Sheamus Croke

Year: Senior
Major: Spanish Affairs
Favorite type of climbing: Splitters!
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Creek/Powell
Quote: Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul" Edward Abbey
Ben Crawford

Paulina Arcuri

Year: Junior
Major: EBIO/Spanish/Education
Favorite type of climbing: How can you choose? They're all beautiful!
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Tensleep
Ginny Keith

Ginny Keith

Year: Junior
Major: Biochemistry & MCDB
Favorite type of climbing: Sport & Multipitch
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Ouray
Ben Crawford

Kristina Cowell

Year: Senior
Major: Geography (minor in Geology)
Favorite type of climbing: Sport!
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Shelf Road & Joes Valley
Quote: "When the pursuit of natural harmony is a shared journey, great heights can be attained." - Lynn Hill
Ben Crawford

Slator Aplin

Year: Senior
Major: Radology
Favorite type of climbing: Trad / Mulitpitch
Favorite Alpine Club trip: South Platte (bring yo turkey)
Ben Crawford

Laura Hoover

Year: Sophomore
Major: Anthropology
Favorite type of climbing: Sport / Trad / Bouldering
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Vedauwoo
Quote: "No where to go but everywhere." - Kerouac
Ben Crawford

Drew Layman

Year: Junior
Major: Geography
Favorite type of climbing: Anything on Toprope
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Creek
Quote: "Nice calves" -Alex Honnold
Ben Wilbur

Ben Wilbur

Year: Sophomore
Major: Defense against the Dark arts
Favorite type of climbing: Rocks
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Penitente
Quote: "Rush Alpine Club" - Alex Honnold
Nolan Averbuch

Nolan Averbuch

Year: Freshman
Major: EBIO, Art and Math Minors
Favorite type of climbing: Alpine Sending
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Creek
Quote: "We shall continue in style" -The Eiger Sanction
Jordan Garrett

Jordan Garrett

Year: Sophomore
Major: Enviromental Studies
Favorite type of climbing: The fun stuff
Favorite Alpine Club trip: All of them!
Quote: "These definitely aren't my underwear" - Jack Plantz
Leah Coe

Leah Coe

Year: Sophomore
Major: Enviromental Studies
Favorite type of climbing: Anything with my pals
Favorite Alpine Club trip: CREEK!
Quote: "The roof is not my son, but I will raise it" - Leah Coe when the camp fire gets rowdy
Casey Crowley

Casey Crowley

Year: Sophomore
Major: Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing
Favorite type of climbing: Sport and Trad
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Ten Sleep, WY
Quote: "The Nose? Next year I'm gonna free that... I've already got 2 cams" - Casey
Jack Plantz

Jack Plantz

Year: Freshman
Major: Mechanical Enginerding
Favorite type of climbing: Slab
Favorite Alpine Club trip: Prom
Quote: "Engage your core!" -Dave Chew